Frequently Asked Questions

Why sell your valuables to Sell My Diamonds?

Sell My Diamonds was founded in 2011 with the belief that diamonds and fine Jewellery should be recycled and re-used to protect the environment, our planet and the rural communities affected by industrial mining. We make this process easy by providing you with an honest and transparent platform to sell your valuables safely, while allowing us to give you our trusted advice on your Jewellery, diamonds and watches so that you can make an informed selling decision.

We believe in providing you with a safe, honest, and transparent experience when selling your fine Jewellery, while holding true to our values and responsibilities as one of Canada’s leading diamond buyer companies.

How much can I get for my diamond / diamond ring?

That all depends on your diamond! The value of a diamond is primarily determined by the 4Cs:

CARAT: A carat is the unit of measurement for diamonds and gemstones. One carat equals 1/5 of a gram. To understand the size of the diamonds, they are cut in quarterly breakdowns i.e, ¼ carat, ½ carat, ¾ carat and 1 carat. The greater the number of carats, the greater the value of your diamond.

COLOUR: Colour is graded on a scale from “D” (colourless) to “Z” (Possessing strong Yellow). Don’t worry if your diamond does not fit into this scale; diamonds with colour outside of this scale are referred to as ‘Fancy Diamonds’, and they will still fetch an excellent price from our Jewelers.

CLARITY: Most of the value of a diamond depends on its clarity. Most diamonds have some inclusion or imperfection. The size, colour, and ease are the factors to identify the clarity of a diamond. There are different grades of clarity that range from FL (Flawless), VVS (Very very slight inclusion), VS (Very Slight inclusion), to SL (Slight inclusion) and I (Inclusion).

CUT: The cut refers to the symmetry and proportion of diamonds. It is not used to refer the shape such as Princess, Round etc.

With a variety of laboratories around the world, all of which work from different standards, the value of your diamond can only accurately be determined by one of our consultants who will then be able to provide you with a competitive price for your diamond.

We believe in providing you with an honest, transparent, and secure experience when selling your diamonds, while holding true to our values and responsibilities as one of Canada’s leading diamond buyer companies.

What about the platinum or gold in my diamond ring?

We buy that as well! Platinum and Gold are valued by its purity and weight. Pure gold is known as 24k gold but most jewelry is made from 18k, 14k and 10k. Simply put 24-karat gold is fine (99.9% pure), 18-karat gold is 75% gold, and 12-karat gold is 50% gold, with the other percentage being an alloy to give greater strength. We pay market value for platinum and gold minus refining fees.

Do you purchase Jewellery without diamonds?

No diamonds, no problem. We purchase all types of gold and platinum fine Jewellery and watches including name brands such as Tiffany, Cartier, Rolex, David Yurman and all other luxury brands.

How will I get paid?

Once you accept our competitive offer, agreeing to sell your valuables with Sell My Diamonds, we will provide you with either check, cash, or wire transfer at the time of the transaction. Please keep in mind that we will need 2 valid pieces of ID and any documents (certification, appraisal, receipt) you may have in relation to your diamond or piece of Jewellery.

When you say certificate, what do you mean?

A certificate is a diamond grading report issued by an independent laboratory detailing the diamond’s weight, dimensions, color, clarity and cut. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) whose standards are the strictest in the diamond industry, are the undisputed international authorities on diamond grading and gem identification. Other laboratories may not be as strict with the grading of your diamond, and we will require our independent assessment before an offer can be made. The GIA issues a Diamond Grading Report or Diamond Dossier. The EGL calls their report a Diamond Certificate.